How to foster a love for reading

Tip #1: Choose Baby-Friendly Books
Books with bright and bold colours and large images are easier for young babies to see, and will grab their attention. Board books with sturdy cardboard pages are easier for a baby to handle. 

Tip #2: Keep It Real
Books with realistic images will make it easier for babies to draw parallels between what they see in the books and what they see in real life. Our Picture Book collection includes all real images to encourage this recognition!

Tip #3: Let Them Pick
Sharing books they have chosen shows you care what they think and that their opinion matters. This means they are more likely to engage with the book.

Tip #4: Snuggle Up!
Reading books, talking about the pictures and cuddling up close together will help you build a strong and loving relationship with your child. Encourage your child to hold the book themselves and/or turn the pages.

Tip #5: Easy Access
Make sure books are as easy to reach, hold, and look at as toys. Always have books around at home. That way you and your children are ready to get reading, even if it’s only for ten minutes. 

Tip #6: Make it Fun!
It doesn't matter how you read with a child, as long as you both enjoy the time together. Don't be afraid to use funny voices - children love this! Act out portions of a story or using large gestures can help a child visualize the words in it. Our Opposites Book is a great one to get everyone up on their feet and moving!

Tip #7: Ask questions
To keep them interested in the story, ask your child questions as you read. Start with ‘Where did we get to last time?’, ‘Can you remember what’s happened so far?’ and 'What do you think will happen next?'. 

Tip #8: Make the most of rhyme and repetition
Books and poems with rhymes and repeated words or phrases are great for getting your kids to join in and remember the words. Our Story Book collection utilizes rhyme and rhythm to the extent possible to make the most of this! 

Tip #9: Enjoy bedtime stories
Reading with your kids at bedtime is a great way to create a routine to wind-down and get ready for bed and offers a wonderful way to end the day and spend valuable time with them. Get ready for bed with our adorable Good Night Story Book!

Tip #10: Read favourites again and again
Encourage your child to re-read the books and poems they love. Re-reading helps to build fluency and confidence.


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